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Mes enregistrements J'ai toujours aimé enregistrer de la musique et j'ai quelques trucs sympas du début ainsi que des trucs récents sympas. Mes enregistrements sont généralement des éditions limitées indépendantes. Ma carrière en entreprise à plein temps ne me laissait pas le temps nécessaire pour en faire plus. C'est formidable d'avoir maintenant plus de temps pour jouer avec de grands musiciens et enregistrer la musique que nous faisons.
Hot Jazz Club The Hot Jazz Club was where it was at for authentic, live jazz in Vancouver Canada for more than 30 years, the who’s who musicians of New Orleans inspired jazz came to strut their stuff. From the club’s East 35th Ave and later their 2120 Main St. locations bands such as The Kansas City Five, Tailgate Jazz Band, The Riverbottom Jazz Band, Dave Roberts Jazz Band, Phoenix Jazzers and pretty much all of the other big names of the genre, brought the guests in and the house down. It was a place of great jazz music. The club closed in November 2004.
The Cave One of the biggest night-life hot spots in Vancouver; it hosted top-end acts including Louis Armstrong, Oscar Peterson, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Stan Getz, Ray Charles, Diana Ross & the Supremes, Peggy Lee, Roy Orbison, Buddy Rich, Tina Turner, etc. The club sat 600 people. Patrons, dressed up, and suffered long lines to get in. Part of the charm of the Cave was ceiling stalactites and stone-like walls creeping around the carved out spaces. Dim lights & palm trees; great atmosphere. A space of indulgence that was loved.
A Great Band The “Riverbottom Jazz Band” name was my idea, it was fun. It paid homage to the Mississippi River which flows through the cradle of Jazz music and the “bottom” part was a playful way of referring to ourselves as the muck at the bottom of the river, not the fancy stuff floating atop! Muck aside, these were excellent musicians, many who stayed pro and built their careers as musicians of note.
My Recordings I have always enjoyed recording music and I have some enjoyable early stuff as well as some cool recent stuff. My recordings are generally independent, limited editions and have been created with limited distribution in mind; My full-time corporate career previously did not allow the time necessary to do more. It's great to now have more time for playing with great musicians and recording the music we make.

“Isolation Sessions” is a project album that was created during the “Stay Home” phase of the 2020 Pandemic when  work was done from individual home studios where ideas were explored, tracks were produced and exchanged and then finally assembled into the music you hear on this limited distribution album. To hear some of that music and to learn a bit more about the album click here RPM - Isolation Sessions

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